Helping Others Persevere, Empower, and Educate for Change

Our Mission

HOPEE 4 Change is committed to developing partnerships with schools, families, and individuals in diverse communities that are impacted by violence, unhealthy relationships, or wish to gain skills related to mindfulness, social emotional learning, and restorative practices. We encourage education, advocacy, support and social change through implementing social emotional learning programs in K-5 schools, community centers, and health centers as well as supporting individuals and families in understanding rights and services available to them.


Welcome to HOPEE 4 Change

At HOPEE 4 Change we believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and understand what healthy relationships and interactions are. In addition, we believe that all individuals should have equity in access to services and supports related to their individual and shared experiences. Currently HOPEE 4 Change is developing a social and emotional learning curriculum for k-5, to be implemented in the Fall of 2019 as a prevention to violence tier 1 measure. Additional services in 2019 are community based groups for families, children, and educators.  Any additional services please make individual requests.

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Click above link and you will be routed to our PayPal Giving page where 100% of your donation is returned to HOPEE 4 Change.



Volunteer:  This is a new nonprofit and can use all services and supports.  We are looking for Board and Committee members, as well as volunteers for our community services and trainings.

If helping to create a community focused on healthy relationships, mindfulness, restorative practices as a way to decrease violence is a cause you are passionate about please reach out with how you feel you can be of service in this fight for a better and safer tomorrow for all.


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