Website Launch

With all new adventures there is an element of surprise. Well this week was no different…. Monday HOPEE 4 Change (Helping others persevere empower and educate for change) Inc made its internet debut.  Ariel and I were riddled with excitement and nerves…. overall the launch was a success.  There were moments that could have gone better but we worked out the kinks and moved on.  We are excited to say on day one we reached over 100 followers on Facebook, so thank you to all our supporters out there.  As HOPEE 4 Change continues to grow and reach more people I am reminded of a quote that gets me through the hard times “It’s ok to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”  I believe in our mission to prevent violence and facing violence is brave.  So once again thank you for your support and sharing the word about HOPEE 4 Change .

One thought on “Website Launch

  1. We have been working away to get HOPEE 4 Change announced and on everyone’s radar. In the first few days we reached 100 followers on Facebook. We have been working on our first fundraising event and Launch party which will be June 28th more details to come and tickets will be on sale soon! We are currently still 501 (c) 3 pending but hoping that our status will change soon! Thank you for helping us with our mission of violence prevention.


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