Website Launch

With all new adventures there is an element of surprise. Well this week was no different…. Monday HOPEE 4 Change (Helping others persevere empower and educate for change) Inc made its internet debut.  Ariel and I were riddled with excitement and nerves…. overall the launch was a success.  There were moments that could have gone better but we worked out the kinks and moved on.  We are excited to say on day one we reached over 100 followers on Facebook, so thank you to all our supporters out there.  As HOPEE 4 Change continues to grow and reach more people I am reminded of a quote that gets me through the hard times “It’s ok to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”  I believe in our mission to prevent violence and facing violence is brave.  So once again thank you for your support and sharing the word about HOPEE 4 Change .

Getting ready!

Well this has been a wild and crazy experience.  Ariel Madway and I have been tackling getting ready for HOPEE 4 Change Inc. debut tomorrow as well as celebrating various holidays and traditions this weekend with family and friends.  There have been highs and lows, many nervous feelings (we are so excited), and sleepless nights…… much to our delight we are ready to get the word out! We are eager to get the message out there. HOPEE 4 Change is focused on violence prevention beginning in young children through the life span.  We hope you will explore our page and share with your friends, families and loved ones.  Everyone deserves to feel safe.