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Click above link and you will be routed to our PayPal Giving page where 100% of your donation is returned to HOPEE 4 Change.



Sponsor A Child

Your donation provides a school year of Soical Emotional Learning and Healthy Relationship education to a child in grades K-5 Public Schools. This education is a tier 1 measure that all children in the school will receive as a means to prevent relational and domestic violence.


Sponsor A Classroom

Your donation will allow an entire class to receive a school year of social emotional learning and healthy relationship curriculum focused on prevention in K-5 Boston Public Schools.


Volunteer:  This is a new nonprofit and can use all services and supports.  We are looking for Board and Committee members, as well as volunteers for our community services and trainings.

If helping to create a community focused on healthy relationships, mindfulness, restorative practices as a way to decrease violence is a cause you are passionate about please reach out with how you feel you can be of service in this fight for a better and safer tomorrow for all.