Who We Are

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Kristen Owens LMHC
Founder, President, CEO
Kristen is originally from Texas, where she began her involvement with domestic violence and rape crisis while completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Texas Arlington.  Kristen moved from Texas to Boston to attend Northeastern University for a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with a focus on Children and Families.  Following graduation, Kristen began working in Boston and surrounding areas providing in home family counseling with a population that was highly impacted by violence of all kinds. She continued to further her professional education with additional training from Boston University on trauma and its impact on the individual.  For the last four years, Kristen has been providing school-based counseling services in Boston Public Schools.  During her time in school, home and community settings, Kristen realized how far reaching the scope of violence can be. In November of 2016, Kristen experienced on a personal level just how horrifying the impact of domestic violence can be when her Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and unborn daughter were brutally murdered and their home was set on fire by her cousin’s ex-boyfriend.  A restraining order had been recently put in place; however, unfortunately this was not enough to protect her family. Kristen believes that if our children are taught early how to identify healthy and unhealthy traits in relationships and effective ways to cope and manage their emotions, the frequency and severity of violence will decrease.  It is because of this belief and the traumatic loss of family that Helping Others Persevere, Empower and Educate for Change came to be.

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